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December 4, 20158 years ago

Making scripts

Although the scripting interface has been vastly improved in MODO 901, for those still using older versions from 801 or earlier, here's a quick and simple, four-part intro series, by Mind over MODO

July 9, 20149 years ago

Best of scripts (author: ylaz)

I love when I come across a new script I find written by some generous modo community member. I'm usually busting to try it out because for me they're kinda like magic - either helping us with those repetitive tasks, or transforming our meshes into something totally new in the blink of an eye. And better still is how many of the good ones eventually find their way into future modo releases.

Here you'll find 38+ neat scripts to mess around with, and hopefully incorporate some into your modelling workflow. Over time I will be adding to this list, so keep coming back!

My fave modo scripts