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modcast mentions & shoutouts

Okay... so I know it wouldn't matter how much I tried to convince you that I'm not vain, but it'll come across as if I am anyway, so who cares 😉

Ever since I first started using modo back in 2009, listening to the weekly Luxology modcast has been a highlight of my Saturday mornings - much like how people enjoy coffee with their Sunday newspapers, I like to take time out to relax and listen to the ramblings of Brad Peebler (and up to Feb 2014, David Tracy) on all things modo and CG. So how delighted am I when I unexpectedly hear my name mentioned! 😀

Date Aired

Nov 14, 2014

Title SpookyMischiefCAST (Foundry pulled down)
Timestamp 28:28 & 59:24
Date Aired

Feb 22, 2014

Title Transparacast (Foundry pulled down)
Timestamp 16:43 & 24:00
Date Aired

Feb 9, 2013

Title Shanecast (Foundry pulled down)
42:55 & 49:50
Date Aired

Jan 28, 2013

Title Harry Pottercast (Foundry pulled down)
Date Aired

Jan 18, 2013

Title Return of the modcast (Foundry pulled down)
Date Aired

Nov 16, 2012

Title Take Four! (Foundry pulled down)
Date Aired

Aug 10, 2012

Title Live from SIGGRAPH 2012 (Foundry pulled down)
Date Aired

Mar 16, 2012

Title "Braddy O'Modcast" (Foundry pulled down)
Timestamp 31:00
Date Aired

Mar 9, 2012

Title "Live" from GDC 2012 (Foundry pulled down)
Timestamp 19:40
Date Aired

Jun 17, 2009

Title Earlycast! (Foundry pulled down)
Timestamp 06:35

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    January 16, 2014 9:41 pmPosted 10 years ago
    M@rtin M@gilicutty

    For someone whose a hobbyist you sure get mentioned a lot in the modcasts

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