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September 24, 20149 years ago

Applying weight maps to a human mesh

In response to a question posted on this site, I thought I'd point out a video I saw years ago that might just address the issue of how to apply weight maps to a human mesh.

Making facial deformations using weight maps 

March 4, 201410 years ago

Make yourself a more efficient modeller

Here's a link to Henning Sanden's article where he shares his tips on how to model more efficiently by setting up hotkeys and creating your own pie menus, along with a few of his fave scripts

Faster Modeling in MODO

February 22, 201113 years ago

Mike James - Back to Basics

Webinar Date Dec 20, 2010
Area Covered

Known as the "airplane guy", what Mike James doesn't know about modelling aircraft - no-one knows. In this webinar, Mike walks through his personal approaches to modelling planes, aircraft components & interiors and shares a few of his tips and tricks along the way.

Presenters Jim Berton / Mike James