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May 26, 20158 years ago

Texture Locators

This month I bring you two related articles that I thought I should write after I received an email asking how to apply an image to a box that wasn't scaling properly. So I decide I would post up links to two older videos created by James Darknell some time back, that explain nicely about texture locator projection types, and about editing number controls.

Posted in: RENDERING
August 17, 201310 years ago

Focussing on focus

This month's set of articles is all about focus - that is your camera, render previews and depth of field. Hopefully, some of these neat tricks will lessen your frustrations, speed up your workflow and even amaze you!

Focusing your camera using Autofocus and Depth of Field

Zoom in on Render Preview without moving the camera

Using your render passes to adjust your depth of field in photoshop 

January 20, 201113 years ago

Studio Environment Set 501 Kit

Date Feb 20, 2011
Areas Covered

If you've thinking of purchasing Yazan Malkosh's Studio Environment Set (SES 501 Kit), you can't go wrong in watching this webinar to see what's in it and how you can use it.

Presenters  Jim Berton & Yazan Malkosh
December 20, 201013 years ago

The Gradient Editor

Webinar Date Dec 20, 2010
Area Covered

Everything you've ever wanted to know about working with the Gradient Editor in the Shader Tree.

(Because the Gradient Editor works similarly to the Graph Editor - some of his tips can be applied when animating too!)

  Gradient Editor

Tip: When you want to insert a new key into either the Gradient or Graph editor - it's not obvious how to do it and there's no button. You can either press Ctrl-Alt, or simply press the middle mouse button (MMB).

Presenters  Jim Berton & Yazan Malkosh