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With modo 601 came a video called Fireboy where Andy Brown rigs and animates one of Warner McGee's characters. The video is quite detailed, but if you just want to quickly jump in and rig a character, I've broken it down into simple steps below.

Once you are done though, you may find that you might need to use a different Binding type for your particular character, or you might need to adjust the vertex weights to enable your character to deform properly, which I'll try cover in another article later on. But until then you can always refer back to Andy's video - but this should get you on your way.
    • Make sure your character is a nice clean mesh without holes or flaws. Just to be sure, run > Geometry > Mesh Cleapup before you start.
    • Separate the components, such as body and eyes into separate layers.
    • Centre your character at X & Z, and zero on Y
    Create Skeleton
    • Click on the Setup tab along the top menu
    • Under Commands select > Setup > Skeleton
    • Then click on Tool Properties tab and make sure that Compensation and Intersection are turned on (2:20)
    • In Add-mode, create your skeleton. Be mindful of when to use symmetry, and when to turn it off.
    Align Bones
    • Double-click on the root bone (in the viewport, or from the Item List)
    • Adjust all joint locators so that the red line is pointing along the X-axis by selecting each joint individually, then clicking on the universal transform tool to move it. It's quicker if you have two viewports open side-by-side - one Front, and one Right to make seeing where you're at, easier. (5:55)
    Zero out transforms on all joints (Sets a resting position for deformations)
    • Go into Setup modo. A yellow border will apart around the viewport
    • Double-click on the root bone
    • Go to > Properties > Zero > All
    • Turn off the Setup mode toggle
    • Save
    Bind skeleton to Mesh
    • While in Item mode, select Setup mode
    • Double-Click on the root bone in the viewport, and then Shift-select the character mesh
    • Then under  > Commands > Deformers > Bind > Heat  (you can use any of the other options)
Source which comes with modo 601
Author  Andy Brown